This is a highly reccomended tour with different options:

a) Leaving from Puerto Barillas to an island (approximately 30 minutes boat ride).  On your way to the island, the scenic views are wonderful, volcanoes, birds depending on the weather and the time, green mangroves and nice canals.  The stop on the island is for 1.5 hours were you can have a rest and swim in the peaceful waters of the bay.  The pilot will try to find you a nice spot for a good time.  Tour duration: 2.5 hours

b) Leaving Puerto Barillas and going through different canals.  The boat will stop at a little house were they sell mollusk so if you are an oyster lover, these are the best «oysters» (casco de burro) in El Salvador.  They run between $7.00-$20.00 the lb.   Tour duration: 2.5-3 hours

c) Our favorite is the sunset boat ride, always stopping at one or two islands and definitely seeing the most beautiful time of the day in the bay, the sunset time.  (Highly reccomended in Summer time)  Tour duration: 3 hours

d) There is also a tour where you can go to an island and then stop to eat prior or after the island into a little restaurant in a local fishermen community.  Tour Duration: 3.5 hours.


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