There are several tours  you can experience while travelling in El Salvador:


We can offer you the transportation to a location without a guide, just our driver and you can visit the city or landmark at your own pace or we can hire in English speaking guide that will explain you more on El Salvador’s history and diversity landmarks (3 days advance notice, subject to availability) or our customers can take a tour with our country’s top tour operators.
Some of our tours that include our transportation and overnight might require that the customer pays for driver/lodging (we can look up at budget places)


The East Coast of El Salvador, also known as the Wild East, it is a surfers piece of Heaven on Earth , totally different from La Libertad. It is located in an impressive jungle were you will find the most beautiful beach breaks and a lot of right point breaks, two of them qualified as World Class Waves, only accessed by boat.

In Las Flores you’ll enjoy one of the best waves of El Salvador. Las Flores right point break it is a long, consistent, fun wave with a sand bottom and tubular sections. being in Las Flores the main activity is surfing, and one of the activities is to take a boat and surf Punta Mango point break the most tubular wave in the country.

Punta Mango is 15 min. West of Las Flores. Access: boat only. Powerful right cobblestone point break w/200m rides when on, machine-like. It is has a hollow take off with a serious barrel at size AND a hollow inside section. It works on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7 ft SW is best. Closes out over 8 feet. Reef booties are recommended but not mandatory.

The hollowest wave in the region, but also the most wind sensitive. Experienced surfers only even when small, due to currents and shallow inside rocks. The wave has become popular and is sometimes semi-crowded w/3-4 boats and 15-20 surfers at peak hours.

The Puerto de La Libertad was founded in 1927 and it is the first port of El Salvador, back in the 50’s it was an international tourist destination; its major attractive was Punta Roca’s wave, back in the days was know as the Latin American J Bay, it was visited mostly by nomad surfers that adventure themselves looking for perfect waves here in the south.

One of these surfers was Bob Rotherham, who has established now in the town of La Libertad, he is a North American nationalized as a Salvadorian. Joined by his son, the Quiksilver pro surfer Jimmy Rotherham they administrate the surf camp and restaurant Punta Roca, which has decades of history and it’s a must be visited.

The port and its infrastructure was damaged back in the civil war last decade; and now, with the help of the government, the municipal table and different people interested in the tourist development of this part of La Libertad it forms part of an ambitious project which is now a few steps of being totally reconstruct.

The dock is a proudly icon of the habitants. The craft fishing it is the mainly use that is given to the port because of history and tradition. By walking on the dock you could enjoy of fresh seafood being sold in the dock market. Near by you could also find restaurants and bars at the beach shore where you could enjoy of the local gastronomy and exquisite preparation based on different seafood of the zone.

In La Libertad you can surf different spots, the main break is Punta Roca and its last section Playa La Paz, but you will find dfferent areas around like Conchalio pointbreak, beach break as Playa El Obispo.

Punta Roca is very popular spot for travelers and for locals if know as the Latin JBay, one of the best right pointbreak in America, is a strong wave, long and powerfull, very impresive when is big and is the spot that all the best surfers will surf with the best and bigger swells


Transfer from Puerto Barillas to Las Flores Resort. Local lunch. Surf tour at Punta Mango (transfer
by boat from Las Flores Resort. Transfer to Hotel. Return to Puerto Barillas hotel. (L)

For overnight package stays at Las Flores Resort, please contact our Service Manager: Emerita Sanchez