El Camino Does El Salvador
January 10, 2016

With the winter doldrums upon us in November, we sent El Camino photographer Kate Warren south to explore El Salvador and connect with local communities. Here’s her visual dispatch from her travels.

Five days, nine travel journalists, one bus. From dawn until well past dusk we tore around the country for a whirlwind week of seeing AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE of El Salvador. I’d been before, but the country has changed quite a bit since then and our itinerary was aggressive – I took notes frantically. I was the only photographer on the trip and two decades younger than the other guests, except for a whip-smart writer from New York named Tyler with whom I made fast friends. With our matching haircuts and equally curious, immersive attitudes toward travel we jumped into experiencing El Salvador head first. New lady boss partner in crime? Boo yeah.

There were major adventures; we fed spider monkeys, kayaked through mangroves, released baby sea turtles, took surfing lessons, and saw incredible ancient ruins. Each evening I edited like a maniac to process the pictures in real time before falling into bed. It was wild, it was fun, and exhausting in the way only a totally immersive new experience can be  read more….