With 365 days of sunny and warming days, get ready for a kayak and grab the paddles and a life vest to explore the Jiquilisco Bay channels. Paddle away with the whole family. If you are an adventurous type (love adventure travel and love nature) , paddle at your own pace through the mazelike mangrove tunnels  and experience the beauty of the landscapes.

What better way to get a firsthand look of our fantastically fabulous landscapes, flora, fauna: volcanoes, alligators, exotic birds, mangroves and if you get lucky, you might get to see a  hawksbill turtle.

We offer kayak rental or we can also offer tours with a guide.  Our suggestion is you take the guided tour as you will be able to experience paradise within the mangroves.

Also, if you like fishing , try fishing while Kayaking

We offer prices with your lodging;


Two hour Kayak rental (to get up-close and personal experience with this national treasure):
$10.00 for single Kayak
$18.00 for double Kayak (2 people)

Five Hours
$15.00 for single Kayak
$25.00 for double Kayak

We also offer rates for those who want to visit us as a day visit.

There is a very popular package sold which our customer enjoy and it includes:

Kayak tour of the bay – you can paddle for 30 minutes or you can go for the 2-hour tour.

It also includes lunch- either you can go for the budget package and request a panini or hamburger or you can choose for the full lunch which includes entree, dessert, soda or national beer and coffee



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