Full Map:  Puerto Barillas 

We are located in the Canal Barillas Jiquilisco Bay. If traveling by land, crossing at Km 108.5 Carretera Litoral CA2 road to the Hacienda La Carrera (exactly at the entrance is placed a tractor tire painted in various colors) refer to Barillas signaling or the laying of telephone cable from the coast to the Highway facilities in Puerto Barillas.

IF travelling by sea, you will need to go through immigration and customs in a proper/ authorized port.

Meeting Point: 13 º 07,018 ‘N 88 ° 25,165’ W 35’de water, Volcan San Miguel 025M, 060M Blue Hill.

If traveling by air,  we have a national landing runway 1,700 meters long and 50 meters wide with radio control station. For international visitors, you will need to go through immigration in an authorized international airport.

Coordinates: N 942 13.15 088 29 577W Orientation: 08_26

From San Salvador arriving by car approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.