Puerto Barillas lodge offers either day packages  for this tour or when staying at Puerto Barillas book this tour.

What to expect on this tour?

The local cacao expert guide will guide you through each one of the steps in processing high-quality cacao. Beginning with the first step of grafting either on a young 6 month old plant or on grounds  and continue to learn about the harvest, cutting and extraction of the grains in a cacao pod. Next, you will learn about the post-harvest process: fermentation and drying, which are determining factors in the quality of the chocolate.  This is a 45 minute tour.   At the end of the tour, we will invite you to try a cup of hot chocolate when retuning to Puerto Barillas.

Chocolates made from our cacao have won gold and silver medals on an International Chocolate Awards Event.

Location: San Jose Real de La Carrera, one of the largest cacao plantations in Central America (1km  away from Puerto Barillas).  Tours are not open directly to public only via Puerto Barillas, sister company.   Cacao plantation farm: 240 manzanas, 168 hectares, 414 acres.

High Season: February-July. (approximately 28000 cacao pods are opened daily)

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 8:00am-11:30am.
Saturday: 8:00am-11:00 am (by appointment only, reservations need to be make in advance)

Sunday: We only accept groups between 5-15 people (by appointment only, reservations need to make in advance, at least 4 days in advance)

For day visits, we have the following package that includes:

Budget:  Cacao tour + Lunch: Panini, 1 beverage (national beer, water or soda) + Free cup of hot chocolate
1-7 people: $26.40
8-15 people: $24.00

Cacao + Complete Lunch which includes Chicken, meat or fish + 1 beverage (soda, water or national beer), ice cream or sorbet and a cup of hot chocolate
1-7 people: $32.40
8-15 people: $30.00

For our guests at the jungle lodge, we have special rates:
Take the tour in:
Own vehicle:
1-3 people: $7.70
4+ people: $6.75

Puerto Barillas transportation:
1 person: $13.80
2 people: $12.50
3+ people: $10.00
Children under 7 years old $3.00 (maximum of 2 children allowed in each group at this rate)
By Bike: $24.00

Combining this tour with our Monkey Sanctuary Experience is also a great alternative,

For more information, please email us at info@puertobarillas.com or call us at 503-26751131