Would you like to celebrate a special occasion in a paradise in El Salvador?  We got the right package for that special occasion.   We can even customize it.

Our recommended package:

  • A welcoming coconut
  • Jiquilisco Bay tour- includes a stop in Isla Pajarito

There are 27 deserted islands in the Bay of Jiquilisco. Our boat tours take approximately 30 minutes to reach an island, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Expect to see: alligators, exotic birds and mangroves, and picture-perfect volcanoes in the distance. Once you reach the beach, bathe and swim in the bay’s calm and warm waters. You could also be taken to one of the two bay deltas and swim in the Pacific Ocean. We have everything prepared for this trip: a big umbrella if too much sun bothers, chairs for resting and best of all… we can prepare a cooler with your favorite beverages.

  • Lunch at our on-site restaurant- Conacaste. Check our group menu (a complete lunch)
    (Please note that Ice cream is served for groups fewer than 30 visitors)
  • Visit the Spider monkey sanctuary- A community of cunning spider monkeys that managed to survive over the years. Spider monkeys are quite curious and fond of tourists. They will happily accept bananas from visitors and make the most of a wonderful experience.

Use of facilities Rates:

Groups 11-15: $41.40
Groups 16-20:  $40.20
Groups 21-30:  $35.40
Groups 31-50: $31.20

For a snack: add $3.75 to the price*Also for bananas for the monkeys add a total extra fee of $5.00 (please include it with advance notice)Prices include taxes and 10% restaurant gratuities. Additional gratuities are welcome.